Supporting Cages

KAYSER is a cage producer under the name of ECOTEX®, which belongs to KAYSER filtration group. ECOTEX® disposes of modern CNC machines, so it is possible to produce a wide range of supporting cages also in large series and to keep demanding requirements on quality of products. The most up-to-date production technology certifies system of quality management according to EN ISO 9001.

Specifications of supporting cages

The type of cage affects the life of your filter bags. Cages should be designed to optimize filter performance and promote longer bag life. Poorly manufactured cages allow over-flexing of the fabric, abrasion, holes, and eventually

lead to filter failure.

KAYSER offers a wide range of different cage designs for all established OEM-designs for bag collectors.



  • Diameter
  • length:

One-piece, Simple or multiple split cages with ring or claw joint: for bag collectors with low roof in the clean air plenum

  • Top part with or without venturi
  • Number of longitudinal wires: 8 – ۱۰ – ۱۲ – ۱۶ – ۲۰ wires
  • Diameter of longitudinal wires and cross rings or on the basis of individual customer request. Standard diameters of wires and rings: 3mm – ۳,۴ mm – ۳,۹۰mm
  • Shape of rings:

 round, oval, Star-shaped

  • Material:

Carbon steel St 37.2,



Different types of Stainless Steel:

AISI 304, AISI 316L, AISI 316Ti, …

  • Surface treatment according to character of application:

acid pickling and passivation for stainless steel cages, Galvanization in a bath, Powder coating (electrostatic application), epoxy coating


  • Flexibility to answer your needs in special designs, even for small quantities
  • Exact and accurate design provides trouble-free mounting and optimum bag performance and durability
  • Experience with production of filter bags are the basis of optimal design of supporting cages
  • Rounded edges to reduce abrasion
  • Consistent spacing of rings and wires, ensuring a proper bag-to-cage fit
  • Wires welded on the inside, avoiding premature failure of the bag
  • Polished rings to reduce burrs and sharp edges
  • Split cages allows cage installation and removal in reduced spaces

Production, packing and delivery of supporting cages

The following variables need to be considered in order to choose the best fabric.



  • For new dust collectors according to particular type
  • As spare parts for present dust collectors
  • According to drawing based on customer request


  • Safe packing of supporting cages
  • Consideration of customer’s request and transport demands
  • Deliveries to OEM’s and end users all over the world

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