KAYSER offers its customers extensive services in all areas of the filtration of

KAYSER would be pleased to advise you in all matters relating to the separation of particulate pollutants and products from gases and liquids with textile filter media. We are here to assist you from project planning, through the setting up of your new filter system to process optimization in your existing plants. we look forward to co-operate with you to work out innovative solutions for your filtration tasks.

laboratory analysis

  • microscopic image analyses: light and scanning electron microscopy
  • textile physical testing: permeability, thickness, tensile strength, tear strength and burst strength, conductivity and shrinkage filtration testing of filter media: operating characteristics and emission behavior in accordance with VDI 3926

Installations & Inspections

  • Dismounting and remounting of
  • your filter elements
  • inspection of support cages
  • leak test on filter elements and
  • filter plants
  • Mechanical inspection of
  • baghouses
  • audits and recommendations for
  • upgrade old equipment

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