Building a protective dustcake

for an efficient operation of the collector, fabric filters must capture and release particulate during the cleaning cycle.

KAY-PROTECT® conditioning agent protects your investment in filter bags by preventing the penetration of fine dust particles in the filter media and the blinding of the fabric increasing bag life and reducing differential pressure and electrical consumption over the hole live of the filter bags.

KAY-PROTECT® creates a protective dust cake on the surface of the filter bags. This protective dust cake avoid fine particles penetration inside the filter media and absorbs moisture, oil and unburned particles on start up or unexpected operating conditions. It has a relative effect on prevent sparks burns on the filter bags surface.

KAY-PROTECT® has a big range of particle sizes and shapes to generate a permeable dust cake; it’s chemically stable, inert and nonflammable. It could absorb up to 3 times his volume on moisture and oils and it’s available on 14 Kg bags or trucks over 6 TM orders.

there are some additional reasons to make the initial dustcake

  • Moisture: can create agglomerated dustcake that destroys airflows and acid reaction
  • Hydrocarbons: create sticky dustcake and can difficult to clean, making bag life shorter and high ΔP
  • Sparks: burn holes in bags cause collector fires
  • Neutralize gas stream

KAY-PROTECT® Injection Procedure



  • Positive / negative system: allows to find the injection location
  • Cloth area: to calculate filter cloth area in your system, use the following formula.



  • Preheat equipment
  • Restrict airflows
  • Inject powder: recommended quantity is 25 kg/100 m2 for bags and Shut off the cleaning system 5 kg/100 m2 for cartridges
  • Fan in operation

Contact your KAYSER representative to discuss the specific needs of your installation.

Benefits of KAY-PROTECT®

  • Increases bag life
  • Absorbs hydrocarbons and moisture
  • Increases filtration efficiency
  • Improves stack test results
  • Inhibits damaging sparks
  • lowers pressure drop
  • No detectable free silica content
  • Increases airflow
  • Decreases emissions


KAYSER offers one size of 14 kg sacks (21 sacks per pallet). KYS article number: 4.000.211

During injection, KAY-PROTECT® forms an initial artificial dustcake on the surface of new fabric that covers the fabric with a protective and absorbent layer. this layer has millions of pores preventing damaging particulate that could plug fabric interstices. Because KAYPROTECT® is lighter than lime, fly ash and other precoating agents

like Diatomaceous earth, it will not fall off the bags during cleaning.

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