Filter bags

KAYSER manufactures all types of filter bags for pulse-jet, reverse air, plenum pulse and shaker dust collectors. Manufacture of filter bags and pockets is located directly next to the needlefelt production. this ensures short routes and a quick reaction time.

A wide variety of filter bags can be manufactured to meet specific application needs and all OEM designs. KAYSER has an automatic production for bags. Robot-aided highly engineered production processes guarantee low tolerances. Special designs, based on intricate cuts, ensure that the filter bags fit well. This optimizes filter bag cleaning, reduces stress on the sleeves to a very low level and increases life time.

• Experience
• Quality
• Tailor-Made Solution

Pulse-jet and plenum pulse standard bag designs

Dust is collected on the outsidesurface of the bag. the cage is the support of the bag, avoiding collapse of the bag during filtration and allows the redistribution and the cleaning of the dustcake. The bag should fit to the existing cage design to optimize bag life.

Top Designs
• Snapring cuff with double beaded gasket and simple felt gasket which improve sealing efficiency
• Flange top which forms a seal between cell plate and cage top
• Ring top
• Raw edge, a simple open end to fold into the top cage
• Sleeve which has the same use as a raw edge, but with a thinner separate piece of fabric

Bottom Designs
• Round or oval closure
• Reinforcement which is a separate piece of fabric stitched around bag body, preventing abrasion

Reverse air and shaker standard bag designs

Dust is collected on the inside surface of the bag. The support for this kind of bags is the intermediate rings, made of different materials and thickness and stitched to the outside of the bag body, preventing the collapse of the bag during cleaning.

Top Designs
• Different loops and hooks designs for proper installation
• rope
• Compression band for caps
Bottom Designs
• Snapring cuff with double beaded gasket and simple felt gasket
• rope, used when the bag is clamped to a thimble
• Compression band, for clamp-less thimbles

Filtermedia Selection
The following variables need to be considered in order to choose the best fabric:

• temperature
• Moisture level and gas stream chemistry
• Particulate size and abrasiveness
• Air-to-cloth ratio
• Mechanical factors, such as cleaning style, installation, etc.

filter bags can be used in dust collectors of the following general industries:
• Minerals
• Wood
• Metal
• Energy
• Food
• Chemistry
• Pharmaceutical

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