Air slides fabrics are very good technical solutions for the transport and storage of bulk powder goods. This type of fabrics can be made with different fibers

Depending on the different fibers, KAYSER offers the following standard air slides fabrics

Properties and specifications
• Uniformity in surface flow
• Several widths
• Different thicknesses
• Wide range of porosity
• High tensile strength and abrasion resistance
• Rolls between 30 and 50 m
• Special fabrics upon request



• Cement plant:
– raw mix silo
– Homogenising silo
– Cement silo
• aluminium plant:
– aluminium oxide silo
• Coal-fired power plant:
– fly ash silo
– Gypsum silo


• Vehicles
• Discharge of trucks for
• bulk powder goods
• Discharge of rail wagons for bulk powder goods
• Cement ships

These clothes are used all over the world in the most diverse industries

• Cement plants
• Mining industries: aluminium, lime, gypsum, coal, clay, phosphates
• Chemical plants: granulates, natriumsulphate and soda, powder soap
• Food industry
• Power plants: coal and fly ash

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