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Two full automatic and modern production lines

Nominal capacity: 20-30 meters per minute

Tolerance of ±0.1 mm in all production steps

Least residual stress in final product

Welding and Sewing/Stitching Technology



• Production conforms to the highest
standard (DIN Germany)

• various additional finishes

• High-performance filter media used in

low to high temperature ranges

• Entire range of fibers:

Meta–Aramid/Polyimide/ Fiberglass / etc

PE / PP / PET / PA / PTFE / DT


“Anything that is against the nature, is against its creator ”

«Christian Friedrich Hebbel»

The cleaner and the more beautiful the production environment, The higher the product’s quality and quantity.


In the second half of 20th century and specially during the last three decades, the increasing demand for quality improvement in various industries, such as Food, pharmaceutical, Minerals, chemistry, and metal, has presented a new image of filtration technology and turned it to an indispensable technology. Extensive diverse application of filtration in industries has led to the huge investments of developed countries in R&D sections. As a result, a better understanding of filtrate materials has been achieved and a novel technology for designing and manufacturing of filtration systems is generated.


According to non-stop efforts of industrialists for competing in international markets, it becomes very necessary to have a powerful and dynamic industry, particularly in the field of filtration. In this regard, SAFIFARD, due to his knowledge about the industrial technology of developed countries in the last two centuries, has cooperated with specialized German companies in the field of filtration and has manufactured two full automated filter bag production lines which do not have the common defects associated with the mechanical and pneumatic systems. Additionally, in order to provide high quality and modern filtration products, SAFIFARD has started his cooperation with KAYSER FILTERTECH GMBH, who is one of the most prestigious and experienced companies in the world of textile filter media.


Scientific and Business Partner of KAYSER GMBH

SAFIFARD group with more than 3 decades of industrial experiences of its superior company (CMP AG GmbH) in Germany and successful execution of various projects in more than 40 countries, has been involved in researching, designing process lines, and manufacturing machinery for production of metal and non-metal material.

The filtration of particles from industrial off-gases and liquids is an essential process for reducing both air and water pollution and protecting our surrounding environment. It also improves production quality, enhances the life of machines and reduces maintenance costs which leads to economic growth

Hence, due to the concern and responsibility about pollution prevention and industrial evolution, SAFIFARD group conducted several researches with collaboration of high-tech German companies (Junker and CMPAG) leading to manufacturing of two full-automated modified production lines of filter bags located at Kashan, Iran.


SAFIFARD production lines of filter bags are among the most advanced and innovative lines. The common defects associated with the mechanical and pneumatic systems of filter bags production line, which Shorten the bags’ life, are modified. Only 4 lines of this type have been manufactured, which two of them are running in Iran (SAFIFARD group) and the other ones are in Germany. The specification of SAFIFARD’s production line is outlined as below:

  • Full automated and modern filter bags production lines made in Germany
  • Welding and Sewing/Stitching Technology
  • Least residual stress in final product
  • Nominal capacity: 20-30 meters per minute
  • Close Tolerance of ± ۱ mm in all production steps


In order to provide high quality and modern filtration products for meeting the requirements of Iran and middle-east’s industries, SAFIFARD has started his cooperation with KAYSER Filtertech GmbH, who is one of the most prestigious and experienced companies in the world of filtration. According to the contract between SAFIFARD and KAYSER, the productions of SAFIFARD are produced with the quality and standards of KAYSER and sent to Iran and middle-east’s market as “Made With KAYSER”.


KAYSER is one of the few “One-Stop-Shopping” companies in  the world of textile filter media.
Since 1928, KAYSER has been specialised in the field of textile filter media for industrial applications.

Our scope of supply covers needlefelts and woven fabrics made of all fibres being used globally in filtration and the manufacture of functional components, such as filter bags, filter cloths and filter elements.

KAYSER offers services, such as individual consultancy, project management, a professional selection of filter media, laboratory analyses and an excellent customer service.

  • High-performance needlefelt and woven Fabric with various surface treatments
  • High quality filter bags and cages
  • cartridge filters
  • Airslide fabric
  • Baghouse accessories
  • Precoating powder (Protective dustcake)
  • Sonic horns
  • Leakage Detection Powder
  • Emissions monitoring and control system

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